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Case Study: Disaster Preparedness
Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian Broadcasting Network located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, provides biblical principals to spheres of human endeavor through the strategic use of mass communications (television, film, Internet, radio, and literature). Many people are employed in the production and distribution of this information. For each employee, all documentation is kept in a folder, indexed by employee ID and name.

Business Challenge
As part of a corporate wide initiative to provide disaster preparedness for all their systems, the human resource department wanted to create an electronic copy of each employee's file folder. In case a fire (or other disaster) occurred at their location, they wanted the information available immediately. There were approximately 1,100 active folders and 25,000 inactive folders of documents. The estimated number of pages was 2.5 million.

Why Document management?
Scanning and indexing these documents for electronic retrieval offered a part of the solution. By replicating the documents from the local eCabinet repository to the disaster recovery location, eCabinet provided the ability to instantly access the documents in the event of a disaster at the local site. Any PC on the network could then access the eCabinet at the remote location. This also eliminated the need for additional filing cabinets, folders and indexing supplies. The documents were stored and indexed electronically after scanning was complete.

One Fujitsu 4120C scanning workstation, employing Kofax software VRS, Kofax Ascent Capture software, captured the paper documents. Human resource personnel then indexed, and released documents to the local eCabinet. All these electronic documents were placed in the appropriate folder. As the replication occurred it created an exact copy of the foldered document on the remote eCabinet.

How Has it Worked?
The document capture solution was a huge success. At this time no disaster has occurred, but the system will be there if one does.



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