Success Stories
Case Study: Retail
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
Retailer turns “paper mountain into profit margin”
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. is the nation’s leading operator of discount variety stores offering merchandise at the $1.00 price point with over 2000 stores in 37 states. As the modern day equivalent of the traditional variety store, they offer a wide range of quality everyday general merchandise in many categories, including housewares, seasonal goods, candy and food, toys, health and beauty care, gifts, party goods, stationery, books, personal accessories, and other consumer items. Dollar Tree adopted document imaging to address the growing volume of documents which were severely hampering productivity and creating a major filing and storage problem. The solution has worked so well in its initial department application that the company has begun electronically capturing documents in other departments.
The Problem
With over 2000 stores and thousands of employees, Dollar Tree found itself literally buried in accumulated documents generated over years of successful business. As a result, several significant problems began occurring: First, the sheer volume of incoming documents combined with existing historical files created a major productivity problem as employees spent larger than normal amounts of time processing, filing, locating, retrieving, and re-filing documents. Second, the rate of incoming documents surpassed the rate in which they were able to be processed and filed, leading to document pileups and backlogs. And finally, the amount of actual physical space required to accommodate the overall volume had become totally unacceptable.
The Solution
Smartfish recommended an imaging and workflow solution featuring Kofax’s Ascent Capture and Virtual ReScan software. "Kofax Ascent Capture was chosen primarily for its superior batch handling capabilities and recognition technologies" said Wayne Hooper, President of Smartfish. One of the most important components of this system would be the capture application which would turn paper documents into electronic files, index them and deliver them to the workflow application. If handled incorrectly, this could become an expensive and laborious process.

"Our goal in Information Systems here at Dollar Tree is to produce an enterprise wide imaging and workfow solution. Smartfish was able to assess our requirements, design and implement the right solution. Projects have recently been completed in our Real Estate department and Help Desk; with Accounts Payable and Merchandise projects well underway, we’re moving closer to reaching our enterprise wide imaging goal" – Jill Ash, Manager, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc

Using seven Kofax Ascent Capture scanning stations together with Kofax Adrenaline
hardware accelerator and Bell and Howell 2020 VRS scanners, 185,000 pages per month (and growing!) from seven departments are scanned, indexed and released into DollarTree’s IBM Content Manager software. In addition, data and other content – such as faxes, emails, word docs, etc. – are imported electronically and integrated into the process.

Virtual ReScan’s image processing functions are used to produce clear, clean images. This increases the accuracy of automatic recognition engines such as OCR and ICR, and also reduces file sizes.

Ascent Capture's flexible release module provides a secure and seamless integration with Content Manager and is an integral part of the process of transforming the paper based information into electronic data.


The Benefits
Among the many benefits that Dollar Tree Stores enjoy as a result of using Smartfish to transform their paper-based manual business process into a streamlined electronic system include:

  • Greater productivity. The company no longer loses valuable employee time spent filing and retrieving information instead of performing core business functions.

  • Increased efficiency. The time taken to process incoming documents has been reduced from two weeks to two days. Immediate access to documents now attainable.

  • Cost reduction. Achieved by a significant reduction in the space needed for filing (images are stored on an optical jukebox). The company can now not only utilize this space for revenue-producing activities instead of storage, but also they will not have to explore the possibility of taking even more space for future storage.

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