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Smartfish is a certified solution provider of Kofax’s award-winning image and data capture products. Kofax software is the fastest path from paper to productivity.
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Kofax (Ascent) CaptureKofax Capture
Highly regarded as the only capture software available which employs the powerful and unique DDI architecture: Documents, Data, and Internet capture abilities within a single product.
Kofax Capture 10.2 What’s New
Kofax Capture 10.2 features
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Kofax Transformation Modules Modules
Kofax Transformation Modules is a suite of add-on applications for Kofax Capture that streamline the transformation of documents into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business processes. It replaces manual, error-prone and expensive document sorting and data entry processes with automatic document classification, separation and data extraction.
Details and Features

Ascent CaptureKofax Capture Network Server (previously Ascent Capture Internet Server)
An optional module in the Kofax Capture family allowing for remote capture via the Internet. KCNS (ACIS) is simple to set up, works over any Internet connection, and provides complete security.
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Virtual Rescan
VRS is now included with almost all Scanners sold. VRS is known for producing exceptional high quality images and eliminating rescanning by creating “Perfect Scans the First Time, Every Time.” Look at how much is has improved. Version 4.5 Elite is Amazing!
View the VRS 5.x Elite – features, image processing benefits and videos

Kofax Front Office Server
Kofax Front Office Server enables customer facing employees to trigger back office, business processes directly from familiar, front office equipment such as digital copiers, desktop scanners, and fax systems. Employees start processes with a few clicks at the digital copier (or similar equipment). This office automation solution reduces the days required to ship paper into just minutes via electronic transmission. Time spent shuffling, tracking, and filing that paper is replaced by customer facing activities.
Details and Features

Kofax ExpressKofax Express
Kofax Express is an easy-to-use, batch-oriented document scan application capable of high-speed scanning with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection. VirtualReScan (VRS) technology is built into the application to ensure optimal image quality. Kofax Express can release captured content to a folder, directly to Kofax Capture or Microsoft SharePoint. Kofax Express supports low-volume, mid-volume, and high-volume scanning.
Kofax ExpressKofax Total Agility
Kofax Total Agility is a “smart application” web platform with all the features of Capture and Transformation modules embedded within. The platform allows integration with the other Kofax products like Kapow eSignature, and your other existing applications.

Adobe LifeCylce Barcoded FormsAdobe LifeCycle Barcoded Forms
Adobe 2D barcoded forms can provide a PDF417 2D barcode that is dynamically created from data on a “fillable” PDF form. This barcode can be read by Ascent Capture and the data extracted with out the validation operator having to rekey the data from the scanned form.
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Document Repositories
IBM Content Manager for Multi-Platforms, is a robust enterprise wide product for improving your ability to capture, store, search, retrieve, collaborate, distribute and manage your business documents, giving your business the ability to streamline document related processes. Suitable for medium organizations and Fortune 500 companies that rely on IBM hardware to run their business systems.
WebDocs (Enterprise or SMB edition) is a complete document and image management solution that gives you secure, immediate access to all your business information. Everything's in one place, where it’s easy to find, use, and share. 
Details and Features
LSSP Corporation’s eDrawer™, the ideal product for a small office for filing, storing and retrieving documents of any kind. This product has all the features of larger more costly document management systems with a low price point. It can be used as “on premise”, or as a web hosted solution.
Details and Features
   Fujitsu    Kodak scanners
Smartfish is a reseller of Fujitsu, and Kodak scanners, makers of the finest scanning products available in the world. Each company has a wide range of products that can fit into any budget and for any volume of scanning.
Kodak Products link
Other Capture software
SimpleCapture Pro
Artsyl - SimpleCapture Pro, a desktop capture product, is based on the click-entry solution. SimpleCapture is a middle ground solution that eliminates the pains of hand-key entry and avoids the problems of fully automated capture. SimpleCapture offers immediately measurable and guaranteed ROI and, because of its full visibility interface, it eliminates false positives once and for all.
doc alpha
Artsyl - Doc Alpha This robust solution is an excellent fit in the most demanding high-volume, high-complexity applications and has been designed as the upgrade path for Artsyl’s entry level to mid-range product, SimpleCapture.
Kodak CapturePro
KODAK Capture Pro Software is a full-feature capture application that supports KODAK Scanners as well as over 160 other scanner models from many different manufacturers. With numerous automated functions, flexible scale-up, no click charges, and an array of highly versatile choices in output, KODAK Capture Pro Software delivers great return on your investment.  
Details and Features
TextPlus PDF Release script
This Ascent Capture release script is designed to release PDF files with custom naming based on text, batch class or document class fields.
  • Allows renaming PDF files
  • can release TIF and PDF versions of documents
  • Batch class fields, Document class fields, text constants, hexadecimal, normal Ascent file naming options
  • Allows duplicate file – overwrite, append version, or reject with error
  • Two levels of named foldering allowed
PC Hardware
Lenovo Lenovo computers – Laptops/Desktops
Lenovo strives to be a company that makes award-winning PCs for customers. Lenovo operates as a company to harness the power of innovation across a global team. Lenovo designs innovative and exciting products and services to meet customers’ needs.
  • Thinkpad notebooks – powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors
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