Founded in 1997, Smartfish is an
e-Solutions company
focused on helping enterprises optimize business performance and maximize their return on investment through superior content management applications. In addition, Smartfish specializes in IBM iSeries (AS/400) software solutions. Drawing on many years of experience in software development and content management solutions, Smartfish technologists consistently produce superior solutions to address their clients’ requirements.

With offices in both the United States and Canada, Smartfish has been able to meet the needs of small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. Take a look at some of our recent Smartfish success stories and see what we’ve accomplished.

Corporate Philosophy
Our philosophy at Smartfish is simple: Develop excellent long-term relationships with clients by consistently delivering superior cost-effective projects combined with exceptional service and support. We achieve this by employing and retaining the most seasoned and experienced technical staff, and by our results-driven, client-centric approach. This leads to healthy, enduring relationships that both Smartfish and its clients can be proud of.


Document Management

Smartfish provides a full range of Document Management services, including:

  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Project management
  • Strategy and Design
  • System implementation
  • System development; custom programming
  • Custom integration
  • Hardware Service and Support
  • Document scanning service
Kofax Capture

Smartfish is certified with Kofax products including:

  • Kofax Capture (Version 5,6,7,8,9,10)
  • Kofax Transformation modules (Version 5.5,6.0) and KSMS
  • Kofax Import connector
  • Kofax Capture Network Server
  • Kofax Front office Server
  • Rightfax integration
  • A2ia Check Reader module
  • custom workflow agents
  • custom release scripts
  • custom module development
  • Kofax Express
  • Kofax Total Agility 7.3
IBM DB2 Content Manager for Multiplatforms

Smartfish works with Windows based document management based products from IBM including:

  • IBM DB2 Content manager 8.3 and later
  • IBM DB2 OnDemand 8.3 and later
  • IBM DB2 9.5 and later
  • IBM Websphere WAS 5.1.1 and later
  • Content connectors
  • IBM WIICE 6.0
IBM iSeries

Smartfish also specializes in IBM iSeries (AS/400) services, including:

  • IBM Content Manager (all versions)
  • WAF/400 (all versions)
  • Ascent Capture WAF and CM release scripts
  • IBM Commonstore
  • IBM OnDemand/RDARS
  • Optical volume migrations
  • QDLS or QIFS storage
  • RPG and COBOL
  • SQL and DB2 Query
  • migrate IWPM to Kofax Capture

Resource document:
IBM Content Management for iSeries (296k)

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