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I want to capture some employment applications for our document management system (DMS) and reduce the amount of data entry into the HR system. I would like the image files to be in PDF format and I want the text search feature of the DMS to be functional. What can I do?

For data, Kofax Capture automatically identifies forms and performs highly accurate recognition of handwriting (ICR), machine print (OCR), check marks (OMR) and bar codes to extract even the toughest data from scanned images. And now, Ascent has added the fast and powerful RecoStar family of OCR and ICR engines from Océ, giving administrators many more options in tuning recognition setups for your unique application, including full voting capabilities.

I already have a scanning solution (document capture) but my images always are slightly crooked and when a highliter is used on the words then they are hidden (blacked) out. What can I do?

Virtual Rescan (VRS) instantly checks and adjusts for alignment (skew), brightness, contrast, and image clarity. Any inconsistencies are immediately corrected by VRS so that only the straightest, most readable images are moved into your application. VRS will help lower data entry costs and provide more efficient operations. It really is ultimate scanning productivity tool!

I need to process 1000 invoices a day with about 5 representatives. This includes entering the data into the AP system and then filing the paper by vendor number. Is there an easy way to do this?

With the power of Kofax Transformation Modules (Ascent for Payables) you can process all your invoices the day they are received, no matter how many batches you handle each day. Picture the benefits of recording the batch number and date received, identifying the vendor and even capturing data from key invoice fields — not manually, but automatically with a high-powered document scanner. Kofax Transformation Modules helps you to quickly deliver your invoices and key data field values to your online archival and retrieval systems for further processing — without a lot of manual data entry.

I have several different scanners. Each type produces a slightly different scan so my form recognition is not as good as I would like it.

Ascent Xtrata makes forms processing truly realistic by overcoming the barriers that keep most organizations from even trying to implement forms processing: complexity and cost. You can add new scanners, make copies of a form and accommodate normal scanner wear without system updates or manual processing. Ascent Xtrata's superior image registration makes it possible by automatically adjusting for stretched or scaled images. That means more forms are successfully processed, more information is automatically captured, and less manual data entry is needed.

I have a 5 year old scanner that has started to require monthly servicing. My daily volume has increased and I also want to start scanning some color documents. What options do I have?

We offer high quality Kodak and Fujitsu scanners to suit a variety of requirements. We will help size and select the best scanner available to meet your requirements. The scanners we recommend are certified to work with Kofax Capture.

We need a way to scan batches of documents but don’t need the full functionality of Kofax Capture. We use a desktop scanner and want to scan quality images and store them in a network folder.

Kofax Express features the full Microsoft Office 2007 user friendly experience and a smooth viewer, allowing the user to move and zoom pages easily and quickly. The unique visual representation of documents and pages cannot be found anywhere else. VRS is fully integrated into Kofax Express; all VRS features are available directly from the Kofax Express user interface. You can also use VRS correction settings to adjust the image quality after scanning.

Our small medical office has decided to be HIPPA compliant and wants to start imaging our patient files. We want a full function system without it costing us a lot of money. We have 2 separate small offices which serve different patients but we need to share the documents between offices.

A PinPoint document management system from LSSP Corporation is a perfect fit for any small office. It has all the features of other more expensive repositories without the added cost per add-on modules. It’s structure even matches the way medical practices currently file their patients files.

Our office has decided to start storing some of our documents electronically. We have our head office and 3 remote offices. We want workers to be able to access documents via the internet when traveling or working from home. We want a full function system that will grow as we introduce new departments to document management.

WebDocs document management system from RJS Software is a perfect fit for any office. Use WebDocs to store, manage and route all kinds of electronic documents – iSeries spool files, invoices, work orders, faxes, reports, and forms. Paper documents can be easily scanned and stored electronically. WebDocs gives you the freedom and flexibility to get work done no matter where you are. It’s web-based. All you need is a browser to find, distribute, and share documents from anywhere – home, office, or on the road. WebDocs is available in iSeries/System i, Windows, and hosted versions.
I already use Ascent Capture to scan and extract data from my documents to feed into my system. I have many “fillable” PDF forms which my customers can download from out website, fill with their information and mail in for processing. Is there a way to capture this information more efficiently?

Adobe LifeCyle BarCoded Forms is a logical extension of Ascent Capture. The PDF “fillable” forms had a dynamic 2D barcode added to them. The form can them be submitted electronically from the internet or printed, signed and mailed in for processing. The paper version can be scanned and Ascent Capture can read all the “filled in” information from the 2D bar code. Much more efficient!

I have about 200 invoices and their related shipping documents that I process each day. I would like to capture the data from these documents and update my database. Since the volume is low and these documents do not lend themselves to “template” processing, how can I accomplish this?

SimpleCapture Pro is a click-entry capture product, making it the easiest and most reliable capture solution on the market.  The Pro version of the SimpleCapture Platform allows capturing data from any typographic documents an organization faces.  SimpleCapture Pro is a middle-ground solution that eliminates the pains of hand-key entry and avoids the problems of fully automated capture. Click-entry is the process of using a mouse cursor to left-click text on a scanned image versus using a keyboard to type the data. The SimpleCapture Platform takes this capture strategy and wraps it in a useful interface that accepts images from many sources and contains all the click-entry processes and settings to streamline processing.

I want a new process for onboarding my seasonal employees. It must integrate with my existing systems of record, be web based and be able to capture employment related documents from multiple channels. What software is available that will provide workflow tied into my existing software?

Total Agility provides solutions for customer onboarding, claims processing, student transcript processing, patient experience and many more. It is a versatile, open architecture platform that will work alongside existing technology investments. Total Agility extends HTML 5 interfaces and document capture capabilities to mobile devices to help reduce time and cost of data collection. All of Kofax software products are fully integrated within Total Agility.