Success Stories

Irvine Ranch Water DistrictWater Utility
Irvine Ranch Water District

The accounts payable department already had an invoice capture solution, which was Kofax Ascent Capture v7.5 and Xtrata Pro v4. Installed Kofax Capture v10.2 and KTM v6.1 and upgraded the existing batch classes to newest versions of Kofax software. The Xtrata invoice project was not able to be upgraded, so a new KTM invoice project was built to replicate the existing functionality. Additionally IRWD was migrating their Webdocs from iSeries to Windows, so a new custom export connector was created for Webdocs for Windows.


LeasePlanCase Study – Fleet management company
LeasePlan USA
The Project:
LeasePlan was using IBM’s ImageWorkstation Program (IWPM) to scan images for the Accounts Payable department into an IBM WAF/400 system. They wanted to migrate the WAF/400 5.3 system to a IBM Content manager 5.3 iSeries system. This required migrating the WAF data into CM data within the database. Additionally all the custom programming (COBOL/400) that was using WAF APIs needed to be converted to CM APIs. Some new workbasket functions had to be created to replace WAF and IWPM scanning components.

The Result:

  • Replaced IWPM (no longer supported) scanning with Kofax Capture
  • Migrated data and images from WAF400 to CM400
  • Workbasket user interfaces were kept as close as possible to original WAF functionality

Technology Solutions: Kofax Capture, COBOL/400, IBM Content Manager for iSeries


Motorists MutualCase Study – Insurance company
Motorists Insurance Group
The Project:
MIG had two divisions, each with a Ascent Capture systems. One was v7.5 and the other was v9.0. They wanted to build a new high availability system in Kofax Capture v10.1. They wanted to merge all the batch classes from both systems on the new capture system. They wanted to replace all the SBL validation scripts with an external web service validation program in order to standardize the rules. New scanners were acquired along with VRS elite to support the new scan stations.

The Result:

  • High availability Kofax capture system is running on latest supported hardware and software
  • created four high availability Kofax capture systems – DEV, QA, PreProd and Production to assist with future projects
  • Prepared company for future use of KTM, Import connector, and Kofax Monitor

Technology Solutions: Kofax Capture, VRS 5.1, Kodak i4250 scanners, Visual Studio VB.NET


LegrandManufacturing Company
Pass & Seymour

The accounts payable department wanted to capture invoice documents and extract the data from them where possible. The company had three ERP systems which handled different types of invoices – Non PO, PO non inventory, and PO line item for inventory. Invoices were processed for USA, Canada, UK and Europe. Created capture solution using several Kofax software products: Kofax Capture 10.1, KTM 6.0, Kofax Import connector.

Incoming invoices were scanned or imported, classified, separated, data extracted and export to the appropriate ERP system. The documents were exported to a WEBDOCS repository.


Bank of AmericaFinancial Services Company
Bank of America

Assisted the lockbox division in moving to new technology including several Kofax software products: Kofax Capture 10.1, KTM 6.0, Kofax Import connector, Kofax Total Agility 6.0, Kofax Monitor, Kofax Advanced reports. Incoming mail documents were scanned on OPEX scanners, then imported, classified and separated, then data was extracted and passed into KTA workflow before being exported to another application.

Supported the credit card division using Kofax Capture to scan customer dispute documents. This entailed server upgrades and Kofax software version upgrades over several years.


TRC StaffingCase Study – Staff Augmenation company
TRC Staffing
The Project:
TRC staffing had a customized Ascent Capture system build with version 7.5 and written in VB6. Since Ascent Capture 7.5 was no onger supported, nor was VB6, the company needed to upgrade. They decided to upgrade all the software components and upgrade the PC hardware at the same time. This meant going from WIN XP to WIN8 workstations and from WIN2003 to WIN2012 for the server. Additionally we upgraded all the custom code from VB6 to VS2010 (.NET4 framework). Kofax Capture was upgraded to version 10.1. Virtual rescan software upgraded to v5.1 Elite.

The Result:

  • Custom capture system is running on latest supported hardware and software
  • Still able to use existing scanning hardware with WIN7 drivers

Technology Solutions: Kofax Capture, Visual Studio VB.NET


Iron MountainCase Study – Service Bureau
Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain runs a very large North American customized scanning bureau. They were running Kofax Capture 7.5 SP7 in a Kofax Capture Network Server configuration. Over 45 remote sites with 20 central site servers. Their system provided many release scripts to various repositories.

This project entailed supporting the many clients’ new batch classes or modifications to existing batch classes. As one of several Kofax administrators, keeping all batch classes to standards was critical. Custom scripting was required for many batch classes.

Technology Solutions: Kofax Capture Network Seriver 7.5, Kofax Capture, sbl custom programming


Susquehanna BankCase Study – Regional Bank
Susquehanna Bank

The Project:
Susquehanna Bank had stored iSeries (AS400) reports (both SCS and AFPDS) directly from the iSeries into OnDemand (RDARS)for many years. They had scanned documents with Kofax Capture and released them into OnDemand using ANYSTORE. The bank had acquired a new Synergy platform for storing reports and documents. In order to allow the users to search for their new documents and historical documents in just one repository, they needed the historical reports extracted along with any associated meta data and migrated to the new Synergy platform modules.

This project entailed building a custom migration process to satisfy the bank’s operational requirements as well as the technical requirements of the Synergy “ingestion” specifications. The AFP reports were extracted and converted to PDF format. The SCS and AFP reports needed a customized banner page added that contained indexing information for the report module. The extracted files were placed on the iSeries IFS from which a java utility copied these to a storage server for FTP to Synergy platform.

The Result:

  • Utility to migrate SCS & AFP reports by optical platter
  • Utility to migrate TIFF documents by RDARS report ID

Technology Solutions: iSeries CLP, RPGLE, SQL custom programming, iSeries Infoprint, RDARS APIs, XML, java utilities


Ratner OncologyCase Study – Doctor office
Ratner Oncology

The Challenge:
Ratner Oncology is a doctor’s office in Manhattan, New York. Leasing costs for office space are very expensive, so in order to not use the valuable space for paper patient charts, they wanted to utilize document management to store the documents digitally on their server. They had their billing office in a different building so they wanted to utilize workflow to have documents that were scanned daily at main office automatically routed to billing for processing. They implemented eDrawer V4.0 along with a Fujitsu Fi-6130 scanner with Virtual ReScan. This produced excellent quality images for their OCR full text searching requirements.

The Result:

  • Installed and configured eDrawer 4.0.
  • Created new Drawer types for Patients, Billing and Employees. Created corresponding folders and document types for the drawers.
  • Installed and configured Fujitsu 6130 scanner with twain driver and Virtual ReScan driver.
  • Created required workflow types and setup appropriate user security.
  • Provide training for users.

Technology Solutions: Kofax software Virtual Re-Scan, Fujitsu scanners, eDrawer 4.0


Catholic Life InsuranceCase Study – Life Insurance
Catholic Life Insurance

The Challenge:
Catholic Life wanted to image their large paper file room to provide for disaster recovery and utilize the office space consumed by file folders. Eventually workflow will be implemented to streamline the process of their electronic documents. In addition, they wanted to provide the reports generated by their iSeries (i5/AS400) application electronically instead of on paper. The reports would be available in the electronic archive and available to users via the intranet and eventually the internet. They decided to implement a new IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition 8.3 for Multiplatforms document management system for their policy documents and an IBM OnDemand 8.3 for Multiplatforms for their system generated reports.

The Result:

  • Installed and configured Ascent Capture 7.5.
  • Created new Ascent Capture batch classes to handle the back file folder scanning, and the newly created documents.
  • Installed and configured IBM DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition 8.3 for Windows. Created required item types and setup appropriate user security. Provide training for users.
  • Installed and configured IBM DB2 Ondemand 8.3 for Windows. Created required report applications and setup appropriate user security. Provide training for users. Created interface process between iSeries reports and windows server.

Technology Solutions: Kofax Ascent Capture 7.5, Kofax Adrenaline adapters, Kofax Software Virtual Re-Scan, Bowe Bell & Howell Spectrum XF scanners, IBM DB2 Content Manager Enterprise 8.3 for windows, IBM DB2 OnDemand 8.3 for windows, IBM Websphere


ODS Health CompaniesCase Study – Health Insurance Services
ODS Health Companies
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The Challenge:
ODS was implementing a new claims system along with a partial migration of images from their IBM WAF/400 document management system to a new IBM Content Manager 8.3 for Multiplatforms document management system. They were using both IWPM and Ascent Capture 5.5 to scan their insurance claims forms. This required an update to the current version of Ascent Capture and new batch classes to replace the IWPM scanning and indexing functionality of WAF400.

The Result:

  • Upgraded Ascent Capture 5.5 to version 7.0.
  • Created new Ascent Capture batch classes to handle WAF file cabinet scan and index functions to replace IWPM scanning.
  • Created a custom release script that would release the document and index data to either a custom XML file or to the normal WAF400 environment. The release was conditional upon an index data field.
  • Replaced a limited statistics gathering Excel spreadsheet with the Kofax Statistics report modules to provide a fuller analysis of the entire Ascent Capture process.
  • Create new user exits in WAF400 to re-queue the documents based on index data passed from Ascent Capture.

Technology Solutions: Kofax Ascent Capture 7.0, Kofax Adrenaline adapters, Kofax Software Virtual Re-Scan, Kodak scanners, WAF/400 user exits, COBOL/400, VB6 scripts, custom WAF and XML release scripts


ITT IndustriesCase Study – Manufacturing
ITT Industries
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The Challenge:
ITT was implementing SAP on an iSeries (AS400) to consolidate their 22 Accounts Payables departments. They needed to scan the invoices and have them available in SAP for viewing.

The Result:

  • Ascent Capture 7.0 installed in client server configuration for two scan stations.
  • Ascent Capture released documents along with some data fields using the Commonstore release script into IBM Content Manager.
  • Content Manager and Commonstore where configured to pass a “link” to SAP for the documents in Content Manager. The payables clerks could then pull up images from the payables process as needed.

Technology Solutions: Kofax Ascent Capture 7.0, Kofax Adrenaline adapters, Kofax Software Virtual Re-Scan, Fujitsu 5750C scanners, IBM Commonstore, IBM Content Manager for iSeries, Commonstore release scripts


LA Department of Public SafetyCase Study – Government
LA Department of Public Safety
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The Challenge:
The data entry task for processing the checks for driver license renewals was taking too long. LA DPS wanted to use technology to reduce the time to perform the data entry and eliminate any errors in the process. They were already scanning the checks so they wanted software which could integrate with their existing capture system.

The Result:

  • Ascent Capture 7.0 installed in client server configuration for twenty two scan stations.
  • A2iA Check Reader module for Ascent Capture read check date, check number, Account number and check amount from the check. This data was released to a file for additional processing along with the check images.
  • Software Virtual Re-Scan 4.0 PLUS was used to provide exception clarity, cleanness, deskewing and background removal in order to ensure accurate OCR results.

Technology Solutions: Kofax Ascent Capture 7.0, A2iA Check Reader module for Ascent Capture, Kofax Software Virtual Re-Scan 4.0 PLUS, Kodak i260 scanners


Virginia Retirement SystemCase Study – Retiree Services
read full case study

The Challenge:
IBM announced that WAF/400 would no longer be supported. This required the migration of a custom WAF/400 application to a custom iSeries Content Manager application preserving the same functionality. Additionally, due to aging optical drives, there was a requirement to convert the long term document archive from optical units with a QDLS file system to a direct storage access device document archive with a QOPENSYS file system.

The Result:

  • Converted custom application code from WAF400 to iSeries Content manager in 5 months. Replace the IWPM image view with the CM image viewer.
  • Implemented Ascent Capture to replace an IWPM document capture solution.
  • Software VRS assisted in better scanned images for difficult documents like birth and marriage certificates.
  • Faster and more reliable document retrieval for case management

Technology Solutions: Kofax Ascent Capture 6.05, Kofax Adrenaline adapters, Kofax VRS, Fujitsu and Bell & Howell scanners, COBOL/400, Visual Basic 6 scripts


Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.Case Study – Retail
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
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The Challenge: Manage, design and develop document management solutions for several departments:

The Result: The company's goal was to utilize document management technologies to achieve productivity gains for all associates. Solutions were implemented in the areas below with each undergoing ongoing enhancements :

  • Human Resources
    (Personnel, Benefits and Employee Relations)
  • Real Estate Area
    (Construction, Leasing, Lease Administration and Property Management)
  • Help Desk
  • Risk Management
  • Finance (accounting and accounts payable)
  • Merchandising (both Domestic and Import)

Technology Solutions: iSeries Content Management, Kofax Ascent Capture, Kofax VRS, Paragon FaxImport, On Demand/400, RPGLE/400



Bank of AmericaCase Study – Credit Card
Bank of America Card Services
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The Challenge: to integrate geographically separate scanning applications to handle double the volume of document capture as a result of a bank merger.

The Result:

  • Implemented Ascent Capture capture solution to co-exist with an IWPM capture solution.
  • Ascent Capture in conjunction with high speed scanners handled double paper volume with no increase in staffing resource.
  • VRS managed to eliminate 99.9% of document re-scan process.

Technology Solutions:
Kofax Ascent Capture 5.0, Kofax Adrenaline adapters, Kofax VRS, Bell & Howell scanners, COBOL/400, VB scripts



Christian Broadcasting NetworkCase Study – Disaster Preparedness
Christian Broadcasting Network
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The Challenge: Protect all active and inactive employee document files for disaster preparedness.

The Result:

  • Implemented Ascent Capture capture solution to perform daily scans of documents – over 2.5 million paper files!
  • Software VRS eliminated 99.9% of document re-scan process
  • Local eCabinet repository replicated all documents to another eCabinet at remote disaster recovery site.

Technology Solutions:
Kofax Ascent Capture 5.5, Kofax Software VRS, Fujitsu 4120C scanner, VB scripts, Ricoh eCabinet



Bank of AmericaCase Study – Finance
Bank of America Card Services
read full case study

The Challenge: Manage, design, develop and implement many major enhancements to a credit card charge-back and retrieval application. This application involves automation of workflow, fax integration, image and document management.

The Result:

  • Developed initial pilot for On Demand statement retrieval of customer credit card statements.
  • Analyzed credit card application for Year 2000 compliance.
  • Managed team of developers on Year 2000 conversion project, through development, document management repository software upgrade,  testing and implementation.
  • Analyzed enhancements (additional automatic processes) for credit card application.
  • Designed, developed and implemented software enhancements.
  • Managed, designed project for associates to manage from their desktop inbound/outbound fax documents utilizing both WAF and VisualInfo components of IBM's Content Management suite.

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